Monday, May 11, 2015

Mothers Day Weekend

This is always a very busy weekend for me. D and I host his family reunion at our home every year the day before mothers day. It takes some work to pull this off. And there are days that I ask myself why...then the day arrives, and we have a great time. I am renewed again until next year.

Then on mothers day I do nothing.....I mean nothing. I will shower at some point. This year I had Drake and Dalton for the day. Their daddy needed some rest. I know it was mothers day but my son is still recovering from heart surgery and needs some rest time. Meg is in Virginia with her grandmother Paula. Paula lost her husband last week and is going through a very difficult time. So we all pull together and help each other out. So we stayed in our jammies all day. And munched on goodies left over from the reunion and did nothing. It was great.

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