Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend in Review

My birthday weekend has been pretty good. I am very blessed to have heard from so many friends and family to wish me happy birthday. Meg made me a birthday cake. I don't ever remember anyone ever doing that before. It was a white cake with pink icing. It was a double layer one that fits perfectly on my cake plate. Well it did fit perfectly. I have eaten so much of it. Cake and icing is a real weakness for me. But no worries. I am still down about 30 pounds and so far all the cake that I consumed has not shown up on the scale. Back to work tomorrow so I should work it off. D left yesterday for the lake. He is going to spend the week down there helping his brother. I wish I could have gone but I need to work. Stephanie called this morning; I really miss her. It looks like Easter will be the next time she can come home. Seems so far away. Many blessings, Heidi

Friday, March 25, 2011

Life is Good!

Today is my birthday. I have never been more happy or content. Yes there are always life's little issues that make things hard at times; most of which are out of our control. But that is OK. I think that those are times when we learn and grow.
I am so blessed. I have amazing kids and the best friends that anyone could ask for. What more could a girl want.
Happy Birthday to me!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I seem to repeat myself so much on here but the time is seriously flying by. I thought I just updated a few days ago. Most of my problem is having computer time. Meg is on full time with school which is so much more important than anything I need to say on here. HA

Heather's birthday was a week ago Friday. It was great seeing them this week but sure wish I could have seen her on her special day. I can not wait until they move to my town. Then I can see them when I want to. They will be sick of me I am sure. Aspen is growing like a weed. So precious! I love the way you say something to her and she rolls her eyes. Such a girl! Which I am so not used to.

Meg just completed her first semester of classes. Straight A student! We are so proud of her. Drew has been to the lake the last couple of weeks to help his uncle work around his house. He came home on the weekends but it was so hard on Drake for him to be gone. Thank god for skype, but that was only a temporary fix for him. The three of them had this weekend together so he should have had the daddy time he needed.

D and I have had a wonderful time here at the lake with his parents. He has caught the heck out of white cat. We love fish so it is great to be filling the freezer. Mom (D's mom) and I have been working on the reunion details. We are having a very large family reunion the first of May at my house. It is going to be so much fun. But there is so much work to do to pull this off.

Time to head home from the lake. Get ready for the work week ahead.

Many Blessings,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I have been waiting months for the month of March. It is the beginning of spring. This month we should start seeing daffodil's pop up. The grass starting to change green and not this yucky brown I have been looking at for months. Have I mentioned that I don't care for winter? To me the new year starts with spring. Everything is new and clean and fresh. I get excited about all the possibilities for the new year.
A little over a month from now Devin will be moving his family just a few blocks away. That's as close to the zoo as I can get him. So happy about it.
Meg and Drew are already looking into preschools for Drake. I can hardly believe how fast time goes by.
This weekend D and I are headed to the lake. He is having fishing fever while I am having mother-in-law fever. Good times. So looking forward to it. It wont beat last weekend though.
Saturday afternoon D and I got a wild hair and ran away. It started out to be just a date night but turned into over night in a hotel room about an hour away from home. We felt like kids again. It was so much fun. We did some shopping. Bought some nursing shoes so that my feet won't scream at me any longer. We decided that we really need to spend more time with just the two of us. So I can see us running away again in the near future.
On a sad note Miss V passed away yesterday afternoon. She passed very peacefully. I really thought I would be very upset by her passing but I wasn't. We had her on a turn schedule every two hours to prevent skin breakdown. Every time we turned her she was in so much pain. She is pain free now.

Many Blessings,