Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another busy week at the Zoo!

Devin and Heather's wedding is fast approaching. This week my in laws are here to help me get all things ready for their wedding shower this weekend. Details, Details. My life is so crazy busy and I love it!

Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Friday!

The last couple of day's have been pretty busy watching Matt & Amanda's girls. Matt was fortunate enough to get a job. He started Monday of this week. This news however formed a problem with the girls. So I am watching them until school starts. Miss Taylor is 7 and Miss Maria is 4. Boy do girls really keep you busy. I am not used to having someone underfoot when cooking. When my boys were little all they wanted was food; they were not interested in the cooking process; just bring them the grub. Not so with girls; they are under foot the whole time asking tons of questions. This is taking some getting used too. God new what he was doing when he gave me boys!

Many Blessings

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Grannie

Today is my grannies birthday; she would have been 91. I miss her so much. She was my world. I have so many beautiful memories of her. She taught me so many things. I felt nothing but unconditional love from her.
The things I miss:
Daily phone calls to see how I am.
Fixing her hair.
Eating her food.
Watching her can pickled beets.
Working in her yard.
Listening to her tell me about the bad weather to come only to find out she has been listening to a Chicago station that is 3 states away!
Her perfume.
Her love.
Her hands.

I wish that she could have seen me become a Grannie. I have very large shoes to fill and I work hard everyday to be the Grannie that she was to me.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Professional Photos

Recently Meg and Drew had a professional photographer come to the zoo to take pictures of Drake. They were beautiful! But I sure wish I had my dream camera. I could have went crazy. Some day Some day it will be mine and I can take professional photos of all my kids. He didn't care for the idea at first. But it didn't take too long until he warmed up to the camera.

What a sweet boy!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Today and the past several days it has been so hot out. I can't stand to be out there more than a few minutes. Today I puttered around the house. D was going to mow but it was too hot so he is going to get out there early tomorrow. I also have a list of other out door stuff for him to do. Like clean the gutters and weed eat. I won't be supervising these activities because well I don't do sweating.
I can't really list anything that I accomplished today. It's hard to get anything done when you are spending most of my your trying to keep from sweating.
Meg's grandma made it back to VA safe and sound. Here is a picture that I took of them the day before she left. I hated to see her go; we had lots of fun.
My nephew and his wife were able to bring Eva home from the hospital a week or so ago. I am so happy that all of our prayers were answered with this beautiful little girl.
Off to keep myself cool.
Many Blessings,

Friday, July 16, 2010


What a crazy week. I have been MIA. Heather's dad has been having health issues so Devin brought me the princess on Monday so that they could be at the hospital with him.
Wednesday Meg's grandma returned home to VA. She had a really hard time leaving this time. I think she is considering moving back here. All of her kids and grand kids are here and I think she is realizing what she is missing.
After she left on Wednesday morning Meg and I packed up the kids and went to the lake to see my in laws. I was really hoping for a nice and quiet time with them but it was anything but. At the age that Drake and Aspen are they are little terrors. We have a soon to be two year old that is experiencing the terrible two's and then when you add a bossy princess to the mix it makes for fun times. We did take the little darlings to the dam to see the water rushing over. They both loved it. We wanted to take them to do other things; you know to keep them busy so they would not fight but the temps were so high that we were concerned about keeping them out to long. We have had temps in the upper 90's with heat index over 100. So doing any outside activities were not an option for very long. So back inside with the two little devils. I have enormous amount of patients but these two were going to drive me to drink.
Off to bed. I will be more myself with some sleep in my own bed.

Many blessings,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Friends; Farmers Market and so much Fun!

I had a wonderful weekend and am so exhausted. Friday night we ordered pizza and had Matt and Amanda over and their beautiful girls. Matt is D's adopted son by choice. Actually he was an employee of D's that we have made family. Again no pictures. I am so bad at documenting these memories.
Saturday morning Meg; her grandma and Amanda and I got up early and went the farmers market in the big city. I could not believe how wonderful the prices of fruits and veggies are this year. In years past I don't remember them being this good. We bought so much that we are planning on bringing a wagon or something next week to carry all our things. I bought peaches that I was able to taste before I bought and they were amazing. Would love to make a peach cobbler later in the week. I also bought tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, zucchini and sweet potatoes. After a wonderful morning at the market we then went junking as most call it in blog land. Fun Fun. I bought some amazing things. Again no pictures, trust me it was a good haul. All this shopping made us hungry for chips and salsa. But most days make me hungry for chips and salsa. So we had to stop by our local Mexican restaurant to get my fix.
We finished the day with Matt and Amanda and the girls spending the night. Drew and Matt went frog hunting at the pond most of the night while all us girls made cookies and watched movies. D had a night fishing tournament so he was not in on the frog hunt. I am sure he will next week though. There is always some sort of manly hunting activity going on around here.
We have tried to do so much while Meg's grandma is here; however all this fun is waring me out. She is here until Wednesday; I will nap then.

Many Blessings

Friday, July 9, 2010


I can't believe it is already Friday. This week as been so busy. Meg's grandma is still here and we have been shopping fools. I have bought so many awesome things for the house which is one of my favorite things to do.
My house work has suffered so much through it all; but we will worry about that next week. I am so bad about taking pictures. Need to get with it.
I did take a few minutes out of this busy week and go with Heather to buy her wedding dress. It is beautiful. The big day will be here before we know it. I did take pictures of that but she would kill me if I posted them. I will post plenty of the wedding day.

Resting a bit before we go at it again over the weekend. It sure is a good thing she is only here once a year. This is exhausting but so much fun.

Many Blessings,

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rainy Day!

I awoke this morning to rain. My garden needed it but I didn't. The humidity is so high it is like breathing water. Not to good when you have asthma.

I love a little sight called C...list. Not sure if I have mentioned it before but I do. I sold two headboards and a foot board within an hour of each other. It was awesome.

Because of the rain today D didn't work. That doesn't mean he sits around in the lap of luxury. No sir. He caulked both of the bathrooms; after he had a large country breakfast. On rainy days I like to cook breakfast. And with all the honey dos I have I needed to get him some nutrition.

Late in the afternoon Meg, her grandma and I went shopping. It has been so long since I have been shopping. Or I should say shopping in a women's clothing store. I couldn't help myself; I bought an out fit. I have not bought any clothes for me in over a year! I used to be the type of person that would buy a new outfit just because it was Monday. Now since I don't have that fancy career any longer I just don't need that many clothes. But I sure do love to shop.

Off to bed. Not sure what tomorrow holds but it better not be any more rain.
Many Blessings,

Monday, July 5, 2010

The day after.

Well today we all recovered from the holiday weekend. Not that we did a lot this weekend that we needed to recover from; but a day of rest was what we did. Well I should clarify; I rested; D worked. I had him painting the ceiling in our bedroom. He also put up a queen size bed in one of the spare bedrooms here at the zoo. Also put the full size bed in the other spare bedroom on the old white iron bed that he painted recently. Things are starting to come together. Now if he can just get my bathtub caulked. I will add it to next weekends list of honey do. Oh I am not a total slave driver; I helped out when I could. I made dinner.
We are really enjoying Meg's grandma's visit. So much fun to have visitor's at the zoo. Maybe I will get the camera out and post some pictures.

Many Blessings,

Sunday, July 4, 2010

God Bless America!

I hope everyone is having a beautiful 4th of July celebration with family and friends like we are. We are so blessed to live here in America!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tons of fun!

We have visiting guests at the zoo for the next ten days. Meg's grandma is visiting from VA. We have not seen her since last October. Always so much fun to visit with her. I hope to get a lot of pictures over the next few days.

Our second guest is a hundred and fifty pound yellow lab. His name is Kramer and I am falling in love. One of D's employees that has turned into one our sons; went on a camping trip with his family this weekend. They didn't have any room in the truck for Kramer. So I reluctantly said that we can watch him. I just knew those big droopy eyes would get to me, and they have. His big paws stepped on my food early this morning. I thought he broke a few toes. I don't know what I am going to do when it is time for him to go home on Monday. He is so precious and has the sweetest personality. My five pound Yorkie is not sure what to think of him. She is about the size of Kramer's head. I will try to get some photos of them together tomorrow.

Many Blessings,

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What a Beautiful Day!

The weather this past week has been just beautiful. High in the upper 80's but the humidity is low so in the shade it is so nice. I have been able to enjoy my deck more when it is this nice. Otherwise it faces the west and you feel like your roasting on any other normal July day.

Today I had a long over due pedicure and manicure. AAHHH I could have these every week. I would prefer a pedicure once a week but will have to settle for once a month.
Today I found a beautiful white channel bead spread for this iron bed that D painted recently. I plan on decorating one of our spare bedrooms in all white with a touch of robin egg blue. It is a work in progress and I am in no hurry so the after pictures could take a while. I like to take my time gathering just the right items for a room. And since I am doing all this on a tight budget it will take some time. At one point in our marriage when money grew on the tree out back. I would redecorate in a weeks time; true fully I really enjoy taking my time and finding the right items and not spending very much on the redo. I think the blog world calls it thrifting and I am getting hooked. In the photo above you can see my chair in the back ground. There is where I did my supervising of the painting. D needs a supervisor; if not he has been known to up and go fishing or hunting in the middle of one of my project. This is why it takes me so long to get anything done.
We are in the beginning of frog season hear in these parts. There always seems to be some sort of season that D and the boys need to partake in. Devin is not much of an out doors man. He says his job is to hunt down the bad guys. Its what cops do.
Many blessings,