Sunday, July 11, 2010

Friends; Farmers Market and so much Fun!

I had a wonderful weekend and am so exhausted. Friday night we ordered pizza and had Matt and Amanda over and their beautiful girls. Matt is D's adopted son by choice. Actually he was an employee of D's that we have made family. Again no pictures. I am so bad at documenting these memories.
Saturday morning Meg; her grandma and Amanda and I got up early and went the farmers market in the big city. I could not believe how wonderful the prices of fruits and veggies are this year. In years past I don't remember them being this good. We bought so much that we are planning on bringing a wagon or something next week to carry all our things. I bought peaches that I was able to taste before I bought and they were amazing. Would love to make a peach cobbler later in the week. I also bought tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, zucchini and sweet potatoes. After a wonderful morning at the market we then went junking as most call it in blog land. Fun Fun. I bought some amazing things. Again no pictures, trust me it was a good haul. All this shopping made us hungry for chips and salsa. But most days make me hungry for chips and salsa. So we had to stop by our local Mexican restaurant to get my fix.
We finished the day with Matt and Amanda and the girls spending the night. Drew and Matt went frog hunting at the pond most of the night while all us girls made cookies and watched movies. D had a night fishing tournament so he was not in on the frog hunt. I am sure he will next week though. There is always some sort of manly hunting activity going on around here.
We have tried to do so much while Meg's grandma is here; however all this fun is waring me out. She is here until Wednesday; I will nap then.

Many Blessings

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