Thursday, July 1, 2010

What a Beautiful Day!

The weather this past week has been just beautiful. High in the upper 80's but the humidity is low so in the shade it is so nice. I have been able to enjoy my deck more when it is this nice. Otherwise it faces the west and you feel like your roasting on any other normal July day.

Today I had a long over due pedicure and manicure. AAHHH I could have these every week. I would prefer a pedicure once a week but will have to settle for once a month.
Today I found a beautiful white channel bead spread for this iron bed that D painted recently. I plan on decorating one of our spare bedrooms in all white with a touch of robin egg blue. It is a work in progress and I am in no hurry so the after pictures could take a while. I like to take my time gathering just the right items for a room. And since I am doing all this on a tight budget it will take some time. At one point in our marriage when money grew on the tree out back. I would redecorate in a weeks time; true fully I really enjoy taking my time and finding the right items and not spending very much on the redo. I think the blog world calls it thrifting and I am getting hooked. In the photo above you can see my chair in the back ground. There is where I did my supervising of the painting. D needs a supervisor; if not he has been known to up and go fishing or hunting in the middle of one of my project. This is why it takes me so long to get anything done.
We are in the beginning of frog season hear in these parts. There always seems to be some sort of season that D and the boys need to partake in. Devin is not much of an out doors man. He says his job is to hunt down the bad guys. Its what cops do.
Many blessings,

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