Wednesday, June 30, 2010


As I said in my last post....days ago because the Internet has been down. That we had a pretty fun weekend last weekend and it would take several post to get it all in.
Saturday night MADD honored my son for arresting over fifty drunk drivers in 2009. We are so proud of him!! They gave him the medal that you see around his neck. Getting him to smile is a major undertaking so I was grateful to get this picture.
Saturday night while Devin was getting his award we had a few friends and family over for a little BBQ. In the small town that we live in they set off their city fireworks the week before the 4th. Why? Who knows but we take advantage and have a few people over. We have front row seats to the fireworks display. The temps on Saturday were sweltering. Just standing in the shade you could start sweating. It was awful. So being that I don't like to sweat and all I made my whole made ice cream in the house. Thankfully by the time the sun went down we were all able to pile in the back of several pickup trucks and drive past the pond to see the professional fireworks display and not break a sweat. I love love love having people over; make memories, and making my own family traditions.
Meg unfortunately became very sick on Saturday evening and started running a high fever. She didn't start feeling better until today. The doctor said she had a virus. Goosh I hope no one else at the zoo comes down with it.
Today my in laws came into town for a visit. It was a beautiful day with low humidity we were able to sit on the back deck and have a nice visit with out sweating. Have I mentioned that I don't do sweating? Just sayin.....

I just love summer!
Many blessings,

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