Sunday, June 13, 2010

Eva; my great neice!

Eva is up to a whopping 4lbs and 7 oz. This is her sweet mama feeding her a bottle for the first time. She is almost 3 weeks old in this picture.
Isn't this such a beautiful family. Her parents are only allowed to hold her for a hour out of each day. But their precious baby girl is improving each day so God willing she will be home with them soon.
I so enjoyed the weekend. Saturday I went to a small town in a neighboring state to meet Meg's biological father and his wife. We had a wonderful visit. This town that he lives in is very small. Her father is the towns banker; so everyone knows him. We had lunch in one of the only two dinners in this town. One served pizza the other served bar-b-q. We opted for pizza. They don't have any fast food, no malls, no theaters, basically there is nothing there. But we had a great time. I hope that we can enjoyed many years getting to know each other.
D stayed home to watch Aspen and Drake. We really appreciated it however I believe he allowed them to eat anything that they wanted. The house was still standing so I am grateful. I sure loved have the princess stay the weekend with us. She is becoming such a joy. Last summer she was still little and quit a handful. Now that she is three you just have to let her do things by herself and all is right with the world. Ha
This evening my heart is heavy for my hubby D. His older brothers health is failing. He has been fighting cancer for several years. Currently he is having some heart issues. Not sure if he is going to pull out of it this time. He is currently staying at my in-laws. His wife and son are with him.

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