Wednesday, June 30, 2010


As I said in my last post....days ago because the Internet has been down. That we had a pretty fun weekend last weekend and it would take several post to get it all in.
Saturday night MADD honored my son for arresting over fifty drunk drivers in 2009. We are so proud of him!! They gave him the medal that you see around his neck. Getting him to smile is a major undertaking so I was grateful to get this picture.
Saturday night while Devin was getting his award we had a few friends and family over for a little BBQ. In the small town that we live in they set off their city fireworks the week before the 4th. Why? Who knows but we take advantage and have a few people over. We have front row seats to the fireworks display. The temps on Saturday were sweltering. Just standing in the shade you could start sweating. It was awful. So being that I don't like to sweat and all I made my whole made ice cream in the house. Thankfully by the time the sun went down we were all able to pile in the back of several pickup trucks and drive past the pond to see the professional fireworks display and not break a sweat. I love love love having people over; make memories, and making my own family traditions.
Meg unfortunately became very sick on Saturday evening and started running a high fever. She didn't start feeling better until today. The doctor said she had a virus. Goosh I hope no one else at the zoo comes down with it.
Today my in laws came into town for a visit. It was a beautiful day with low humidity we were able to sit on the back deck and have a nice visit with out sweating. Have I mentioned that I don't do sweating? Just sayin.....

I just love summer!
Many blessings,

Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

This was an amazing weekend. I will need several post to get it all in. But first and foremost it was my 28th wedding anniversary. I don't have any wedding pictures on this computer. I got married in the 80's so the gown isn't very stylish now. Here is the hubs; always on the phone or playing with the grand kids. I can never find a good photo of just him. Matter of fact I can't find any photo on this computer or my camera of just him and I . I will work on that. This one was taken recently at a family reunion.
Twenty-eight years ago we had a very large church wedding. It was hot! There were so many people that there was standing room only in the back of the church. It was great to have so many friends and family there. The reception was at my parents house. It was catered with several bar areas; a live band and lots of people. I will say my mom did an amazing job on my reception. I don't think I ever told her that. Anyhow fun was had by all. Years after our wedding people were coming up to us telling us what a great time they had. Aww the memories.

Love ya babe,


Thursday, June 24, 2010


Today was a very bittersweet day. I heard some very upsetting news and some good news.

The good news is that these two finally set a wedding date. August 14, 2010. Yep that is just 7 weeks away. The date 8/14 is my sons badge number. I am sure that had something to do with the planning. HA Congratulations to you both!

The bad news that I received today.....well the only thing I know to do is pray about it. It makes my heart ache. So I pray that GOD can take the pain away and walk with us during this very uncertain time.

Many Blessings,


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This and That

Today seemed very productive. I washed sheets on all the beds; and we have a lot of beds here at the zoo. I also hung them out to dry. I just love sheets that have been hung outside to dry. It was a very hot day; I almost broke a sweat with all the sheet hanging I did. Which is not good. Have a mentioned I don't like to sweat.

I also cleaned the outside of my kitchen cabinets. They are sold oak so after a while they need cleaned and shined. I really love all the white kitchen's I have been seeing around blog land but I just can't bring myself to do it. I don't think it would look right in my house. No need for me to work on the inside of the cabinets because Meg has them very organized. Ever heard of that movie "Sleeping with the Enemy". Yea that's Meg. Everything is alphabetized.

Before I did all the above work I sprayed for weeds. They are tough little boogers; pulling them would be just way to much work. Besides that would cause be to sweat and we can't be having that.

My friend H needs to get her self home because all this work has caused me to need a pedicure. She is at her lodge in TN mowing herself to death so I know she needs one as well.

Many Blessings,

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quiet Day at the Zoo

Today I had an old friend stop by and visit me today. I haven't seen her in at least ten years. She was in town for a few hours so she stopped by. She hasn't changed a bit; a grandma now but most of my friends are now. I owned a day care many years ago and I watched her two kids for four years. I think about her kids often. When you raise them from toddlers to school age you become attached. The last of my daycare kids are graduating this year. Time sure does fly by.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet. My heart is heavy this evening for my daughter-in-law to be. Her fathers health has been failing recently. He is ready to give up. His quality of life is not what he wants right now. I pray for Heather tonight. Her dad has made up his mind what he wants. Its who he is leaving behind that will need prayers. It is never easy when our loved ones are ready to go to heaven. There fight must be just to difficult to stay with us.

This is Heather's dad and her dog Vegas. He is a big baby; Vegas not her dad.

Many Blessings,


Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy 1st day of SUMMER!!

I love spring and summer; they are my favorite time of year. I know it comes as a shock since I recently posted how I do not like to sweat. I will take the humidity as well. Our humidity has been so high here that our comfort index has been around 100. LOVE IT!

Today I had the misfortune; oh I mean pleasure of watching the two youngest zoo members Drake and Aspen. I think I have a few grey hair after today. Aspen was an angel all morning. Drake which is now 20 months old has decided that he doesn't want Aspen to touch any of his things. He expresses this by clenching his fists and screaming at the top of his lungs. Yea it was an awesome day. Then after the princess had her beauty sleep; she decided that she kind of liked it when Drake would scream so she spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get him to do so.
Here are those little devils, I mean sweet angels of mine.
Many Blessings,

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's day to my dad. I know he will never read this because he doesn't know that blogs even exist. My father is alive and well; at least I hope he is well. I haven't spoken to him in about a year. If I could talk to him I would tell him how much I love him. How much he means to me and that I am sorry for how things have turned out. Sometimes in life you have to make tough decisions. Four years ago I choose my family and what was best for me. I am not used to putting me first. But since I have decided to do so; I have never been happier. I am sorry that in making my decision that I have lost you. Maybe one day you will understand.

May God bless you dad every day of your life.

Love you always and forever,


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Too hot for the air conditioner to go out!

Wow it is already Wednesday. The last few days have been such a whirlwind of activity. Monday morning D and I had to head to the lake with an outside air conditioning unit; his parents unit decided to die on them on Sunday. It couldn't have been the worst time for this to happen. But not sure if there is a good time. D's older brother has been fighting cancer for several years now; over the weekend he had a heart attack. He has been staying with my in-laws to recover. Nothing like going home to mom to make things all better or in this case just to have her take care of him. His wife is not offended; she stayed there as well.

So we got a call that their air conditioner went out so Meg; the C list queen found one at a really good price. In no time D and his step dad had it up and running and everyone was feeling much more comfortable by the time we left. Thanks god my in-laws only live a couple of hours away. We are able to be there in no time for them if need be.

Yesterday was back to my normal days; what ever normal is any more. Grocery shopping and running around taking care of odds and ends. Today I am home watching Drake for Meg. All the zoo members are at work so it's just me and the little one. I love days like this. I putter around my house all day. Moving home decor from one room to another. I can redecorate a room in no time. I get bored with things staying the same too long. With a five bedroom three bath house gives me lots to mess with. It's not a big house just cozy. Off to putter.

Many Blessings,

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Eva; my great neice!

Eva is up to a whopping 4lbs and 7 oz. This is her sweet mama feeding her a bottle for the first time. She is almost 3 weeks old in this picture.
Isn't this such a beautiful family. Her parents are only allowed to hold her for a hour out of each day. But their precious baby girl is improving each day so God willing she will be home with them soon.
I so enjoyed the weekend. Saturday I went to a small town in a neighboring state to meet Meg's biological father and his wife. We had a wonderful visit. This town that he lives in is very small. Her father is the towns banker; so everyone knows him. We had lunch in one of the only two dinners in this town. One served pizza the other served bar-b-q. We opted for pizza. They don't have any fast food, no malls, no theaters, basically there is nothing there. But we had a great time. I hope that we can enjoyed many years getting to know each other.
D stayed home to watch Aspen and Drake. We really appreciated it however I believe he allowed them to eat anything that they wanted. The house was still standing so I am grateful. I sure loved have the princess stay the weekend with us. She is becoming such a joy. Last summer she was still little and quit a handful. Now that she is three you just have to let her do things by herself and all is right with the world. Ha
This evening my heart is heavy for my hubby D. His older brothers health is failing. He has been fighting cancer for several years. Currently he is having some heart issues. Not sure if he is going to pull out of it this time. He is currently staying at my in-laws. His wife and son are with him.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another busy day at the Zoo.

The past couple of days Drew and his friend has been working on the air conditioner in Megs car. The car is not so great to look at but it gets amazing gas mileage. Nowadays that is really important when gas is $2.65 a gallon. But the air is broke and driving it is awful; you will start sweating just looking at that car. Since I don't do sweating I don't drive it.

Today it finally dried out enough so that I can mow the grass. I got a huge blister while mowing so I need some better grass cutting shoes. Just before I started mowing I received a call from a friend of mine telling me that her husbands company is going under. This company was a multi million dollar company just a couple of years ago. This is the second time I heard this same story different friend this week. I can't believe the state of this economy. It seems that everyone I know has been affected one way or another. It is so sad.
Which makes me feel really good that Drew got another job today. Devin, I don't need to worry about; he is a cop so there is always someone making stupid choices. But Drew's back ground is construction. Its what he went to school for so he would really like to stay in his field. He applied a couple of weeks ago and received a call yesterday that he got the job and could start today. This call was a real surprise because he was told at the time of his interview that they were not hiring. So tonight we had to open a bottle of champagne and just celebrate getting a job during these really hard times. I on the other hand did not have any champagne because it gives me an extreme headache or will put me to sleep in no time. Goosh I am such a partier.
The days ended so beautifully; Devin and Heather dropped off the princess to spend the weekend with us. They are going on a float trip.
Off to bed; next few days will be busy here at the zoo.

Many Blessings,

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

100th post!

Well you would think I would have something of importance to say since this in my 100th post but you would be wrong.
I have been trying to post the past couple of days but this system would not let me.
Sunday was a great day. I was able to use my new push mower. Well you don't actually push it; it is self propelled so you just walk behind it. I liked it a lot; this is another way I can get me some summer exercise. The weather was just beautiful; very little humidity. Sunday evening Devin and Heather had us down for dinner. But before we made it to their house D had to peruse Bass Pro. He feels the need to keep up on their inventory. With the price of fishing lures nowadays I could buy me a new pair of shoes. Anyhow dinner at the kids house was fantastic; we had grilled chicken and for dessert we had chocolate covered strawberries. Yummm.
Yesterday and today it rained. Today it especially rained hard all day. Great for the garden but that is about it. The satellite has been out all evening because of the storms. We have been watching Little Einsteins over and over. We have about 27 shows recorded. When you have a nineteen month old living here at the zoo that's all you can watch.

Many Blessings

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer School Boy!

Second post in one day. Here is Brennon on his first day of summer school. He is soo cute. All I have to do is wait for his parents to post to facebook and I have instant photos. Gotta love that. He looks way to little to be attending the big school!

Can't get rid of the ants!

This week has gone by too fast. Not doing a very good job keeping up on this diary of our lives. There is not much going on but cleaning and laundry and some pesky ants that I can't get rid of.
Memorial day was great. I was able to be with all my kids and have a fantastic dinner of ribs and peaches and cream corn with some friends.
Brennon started summer school today. I will be there when he officially starts school this fall. It is odd they are starting school on a Friday. But they didn't ask me. Heather sent me a picture; he looked so cute. Here is when I would post that picture if I knew how. I am not totally computer stupid. Its the picture thing that gets me. But I can create a mean excel spreadsheet. Don't feel the need for one of those lately though with no job and all.
So back to laundry and those darn ants.

Many Blessings,