Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year; New Beginnings

I just love new years day. I love it because it is a chance to start over. Put the past year where it belongs; in the past. I don't have any new years resolution like losing weight; spending less money; exercising more. No not me; my new years resolution is more like; finding more balance between family; work and GOD. Since I was laid off work no need to find balance there. HA

I would like to spend more time for myself; more time with God; more time with my hubby D. I would like to give more to others that need it. Paying it forward like buying the persons meal behind me in line at a drive thru. Just being a better person is my goal for this year.

This time of year my hubby D and I make a list of goals for the year. This year that list is mostly items that we need to purchase. Like a riding lawn mower. This is what would be on D's list. My list of needs for 2010 would be a Nikon D90; new laptop; new car, important things like that. As you can see my list is more practical than his. HA

The most important thing for D and I are all that are currently living at the Lambeth Zoo!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Not much going on today. We here at the zoo are still trying to get over this awful cold and cough.

Over the next week the highs will be in the teens. It is going to be so cold. We still have a lot of snow on the ground. BBUURRR.

So I am going to take advantage of this cold snap and put my hubby D on some honey do projects. I will show pictures as we go.

Still praying tonight for Heather. She will be going in tomorrow for some tests. I hate the waiting; the unanswered questions; the concern.

These two decided to escape the zoo this evening and go on a date tonight with an old friend of Devin's from Texas. Date? Gosh it has been a long time since I have been on a date. Think I will plan one after the new year. Or maybe it is about time D and I left the zoo to the kids for a week and go to the lake!?!


Monday, December 28, 2009

Here is the birthday boy from yesterday; he has been sick this past week with a cold so his birthday was not much fun. Bass Pro was all he could handle; finding some hunting boots that were on clearance helped him feel a little better but it was temporary. He went home and went to bed for the rest of the day. Here at the Zoo most of us have this cold and cough; its enough to drive us crazy.

See that sweet angel next to Drew? That's his son Drake; when he gets tired he plays with his ears. As you can see he is ready for a nap.

Today my hubby D went to the cardiologist. Since his brother had a heart attack last week he is a little concerned. The doctor said with his family history he would like to do a stress test on him as well as a complete blood work up to make sure everything is ok. So over the next couple of weeks he will be getting these test done; then we go back in to see the doctor for the results.

Went to Walmart today to partake in after Christmas sales; I found these dishes on clearance. I was so excited; I just love the square plates and the neutral color. I also found toys on clearance that I will put away for Easter and Spring birthdays for all the kids here at the zoo.

Now that Christmas is over I am ready to clean up and get things organized. Just waiting for this cold to leave so that I will have the energy to do all the things on my list. I don't know what it is about a new year and clean closets but its what I need to start the new year out right.

Tonight I am saying some prayers for Heather; she is having some tests done in the next week or so. I know that God has a plan for our lives; but I also know that he listens to prayers.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Drew!!

Yesterday we were snowed in; which was perfect for the day after Christmas. We needed a day to relax. We currently have about 7 inches of snow give or take an inch here in the midwest. I can't remember the last time that we had a snow storm on Christmas eve. It was beautiful. Even more beautiful that I didn't have to leave this house! We enjoyed Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with the Zoo full of our kids and my in-laws. The snow kept falling and falling.

Today is Drew's birthday. He will be 23. We have decided to venture out in all this snow today to celebrate; truth is he has a gift certificate for Bass Pro that he needs to spend quickly or he will bust. Money or gift cards do not stay long in his hands. The rest of us need to get out before cabin fever sets in.

Happy Birthday Drew! We love you!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I really enjoyed the morning watching everyone open their presents. I truly feels blessed this year to have all my kids with me this morning.

We had a winter storm here last night; several inches of snow on the ground. I don't ever remember waking up on Christmas morning to a beautiful white Christmas.

Blessings to you all!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Kenny!

Today is my brother-in-laws birthday. My husbands middle brother. He is turning 48 today. Kenny sure gave us a scare last weekend. In the early hours of Sunday morning he had a heart attack. They took him in immediately and put a stint in his heart. He is at home resting comfortably now. Thank GOD.

I have had a cold for the last several days. I just can't be sick for Christmas. I am so excited this year. I can't wait for all the kids to open their gifts. I am so grateful this year for so many things. GOD has sure taken care of me.


Sunday, December 20, 2009


Devin had his company Christmas Party Friday night. He won an award. We're so proud of him!

The award is Police Officer of the Year!!

Friday, December 18, 2009


This is my youngest son Drew and his beautiful family. His wife Meg and their son Drake. Drew works for my husband and Meg stays here at the Zoo with that beautiful boy. Drew is about to complete his apprenticeship this spring. We are so proud of him. He has come so far this past year. Drew loves hunting season; so far he has killed 3 deer this year. He also loves to cook; which is a good thing because I don't cook anything that has been hanging in a tree near the pond for several days!
When Meg moved here to the Zoo about 2 years ago I quickly realized she has an amazing talent to organizing. I didn't think my house was that bad; however I quickly realized that all I do is shift things around. Meg cleans up and cleans things out! It fells like a Christmas present every time she organizes something. Makes me HAPPY!!
Drake is 14 months old. He turned one on October 15th. That boy is so much fun. I didn't get to really enjoys his fathers infancy because of a heart condition that he had(I will write more about that later)so I am really enjoying his sons. Drake started walking at 11 months old. One day his mom, I and Aspen were at story time at the library and he just started walking. It was a beautiful thing to see.

This is the last weekend before Christmas. All of my shopping is done so I can sit back and enjoy. I will be fighting the crowds however to do all the grocery shopping. Next week I will do some Christmas baking. I just love this time of year. Christmas is going to be so wonderful with the Zoo so full.

Have a great weekend! Please overlook any misspelled words; only my family reads this so I guess it doesn't matter.


Thursday, December 17, 2009


Yesterday I had lunch with two friends from my previous employment. It was so great to see them. After listening to their stories about their work; I am so grateful that I am no longer there. At the time I was laid off I was devastated; now I am so glad that I am not in that negative environment any longer. I didn't realize how awful it had become until I was away from the situation. I left there knowing that God had a plan for my life and working there was not it.

This is my oldest son Devin and his fiance Heather. Devin is very special to his father and I. He has many talents one of which is singing. He is totally oblivious as to how good he really is. Devin has a big heart but plays by the rules, black and white he is; this keeps us all on track. His fiance Heather has two kids; a son 4; his name is Brennon and a daughter that is 2; her name is Aspen other wise known as the princes.

Devin is a man of many degrees. First he has a degree in diesel mechanic, then he went to the police academy. Recently he has a degree in computer technology. His current love however is to be a police officer; he is employed as such in a town near us. I pray daily for him as he leaves each night to go to work. Police officers are sssooo under appreciated. Devin has removed man drunk drivers off of our streets. This sure makes a mama proud!

This lovely couple currently reside at 406B(B meaning the basement of our home) we are in the process of finishing off our basement for them to live more comfortably. It's a work in progress; but isn't everything. Thanks for being so patient kids.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Zoo

The reason for me to start a blog at this time in my life is that the lives of my children are passing by; I want to document these crazy times. The reason for Lambeth Zoo; well my life is pretty crazy right now. Both of our grown sons are living with us with their families. Just a sign of the times.

So here at the Lambeth Zoo we have 9 people living under this roof. My oldest son Devin and his family of 4. Our youngest son Drew with his family of 3.

I am really looking forward to this Christmas; all of us together. Watching the excitement of 3 little ones open their gifts. I will post pictures as soon as my oldest son the computer wiz shows me how.

Currently I am unemployed as of July 27th of this year. No plans on returning to work any time soon. This zoo requires a lot of my time and I am loving every minute of it. Well almost every minute. I have been married to my best friend for 27 years I think. Give or take a few years; after twenty years who keeps track any more!?!

I have lots of interesting things that I want to document in the days ahead. Like my oldest sons freakish addiction to oriental rugs. As well as my youngest sons need for sweet tarts on a daily basis.

That is all for today. Hopefully pictures tomorrow of Drew's deer that his father shot; it is currently wrapped up in poly and insulation hanging in a tree near the pond. See lots to talk about.