Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year; New Beginnings

I just love new years day. I love it because it is a chance to start over. Put the past year where it belongs; in the past. I don't have any new years resolution like losing weight; spending less money; exercising more. No not me; my new years resolution is more like; finding more balance between family; work and GOD. Since I was laid off work no need to find balance there. HA

I would like to spend more time for myself; more time with God; more time with my hubby D. I would like to give more to others that need it. Paying it forward like buying the persons meal behind me in line at a drive thru. Just being a better person is my goal for this year.

This time of year my hubby D and I make a list of goals for the year. This year that list is mostly items that we need to purchase. Like a riding lawn mower. This is what would be on D's list. My list of needs for 2010 would be a Nikon D90; new laptop; new car, important things like that. As you can see my list is more practical than his. HA

The most important thing for D and I are all that are currently living at the Lambeth Zoo!


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