Friday, December 18, 2009


This is my youngest son Drew and his beautiful family. His wife Meg and their son Drake. Drew works for my husband and Meg stays here at the Zoo with that beautiful boy. Drew is about to complete his apprenticeship this spring. We are so proud of him. He has come so far this past year. Drew loves hunting season; so far he has killed 3 deer this year. He also loves to cook; which is a good thing because I don't cook anything that has been hanging in a tree near the pond for several days!
When Meg moved here to the Zoo about 2 years ago I quickly realized she has an amazing talent to organizing. I didn't think my house was that bad; however I quickly realized that all I do is shift things around. Meg cleans up and cleans things out! It fells like a Christmas present every time she organizes something. Makes me HAPPY!!
Drake is 14 months old. He turned one on October 15th. That boy is so much fun. I didn't get to really enjoys his fathers infancy because of a heart condition that he had(I will write more about that later)so I am really enjoying his sons. Drake started walking at 11 months old. One day his mom, I and Aspen were at story time at the library and he just started walking. It was a beautiful thing to see.

This is the last weekend before Christmas. All of my shopping is done so I can sit back and enjoy. I will be fighting the crowds however to do all the grocery shopping. Next week I will do some Christmas baking. I just love this time of year. Christmas is going to be so wonderful with the Zoo so full.

Have a great weekend! Please overlook any misspelled words; only my family reads this so I guess it doesn't matter.


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