Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

This was an amazing weekend. I will need several post to get it all in. But first and foremost it was my 28th wedding anniversary. I don't have any wedding pictures on this computer. I got married in the 80's so the gown isn't very stylish now. Here is the hubs; always on the phone or playing with the grand kids. I can never find a good photo of just him. Matter of fact I can't find any photo on this computer or my camera of just him and I . I will work on that. This one was taken recently at a family reunion.
Twenty-eight years ago we had a very large church wedding. It was hot! There were so many people that there was standing room only in the back of the church. It was great to have so many friends and family there. The reception was at my parents house. It was catered with several bar areas; a live band and lots of people. I will say my mom did an amazing job on my reception. I don't think I ever told her that. Anyhow fun was had by all. Years after our wedding people were coming up to us telling us what a great time they had. Aww the memories.

Love ya babe,


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