Friday, July 16, 2010


What a crazy week. I have been MIA. Heather's dad has been having health issues so Devin brought me the princess on Monday so that they could be at the hospital with him.
Wednesday Meg's grandma returned home to VA. She had a really hard time leaving this time. I think she is considering moving back here. All of her kids and grand kids are here and I think she is realizing what she is missing.
After she left on Wednesday morning Meg and I packed up the kids and went to the lake to see my in laws. I was really hoping for a nice and quiet time with them but it was anything but. At the age that Drake and Aspen are they are little terrors. We have a soon to be two year old that is experiencing the terrible two's and then when you add a bossy princess to the mix it makes for fun times. We did take the little darlings to the dam to see the water rushing over. They both loved it. We wanted to take them to do other things; you know to keep them busy so they would not fight but the temps were so high that we were concerned about keeping them out to long. We have had temps in the upper 90's with heat index over 100. So doing any outside activities were not an option for very long. So back inside with the two little devils. I have enormous amount of patients but these two were going to drive me to drink.
Off to bed. I will be more myself with some sleep in my own bed.

Many blessings,

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