Sunday, March 13, 2011

I seem to repeat myself so much on here but the time is seriously flying by. I thought I just updated a few days ago. Most of my problem is having computer time. Meg is on full time with school which is so much more important than anything I need to say on here. HA

Heather's birthday was a week ago Friday. It was great seeing them this week but sure wish I could have seen her on her special day. I can not wait until they move to my town. Then I can see them when I want to. They will be sick of me I am sure. Aspen is growing like a weed. So precious! I love the way you say something to her and she rolls her eyes. Such a girl! Which I am so not used to.

Meg just completed her first semester of classes. Straight A student! We are so proud of her. Drew has been to the lake the last couple of weeks to help his uncle work around his house. He came home on the weekends but it was so hard on Drake for him to be gone. Thank god for skype, but that was only a temporary fix for him. The three of them had this weekend together so he should have had the daddy time he needed.

D and I have had a wonderful time here at the lake with his parents. He has caught the heck out of white cat. We love fish so it is great to be filling the freezer. Mom (D's mom) and I have been working on the reunion details. We are having a very large family reunion the first of May at my house. It is going to be so much fun. But there is so much work to do to pull this off.

Time to head home from the lake. Get ready for the work week ahead.

Many Blessings,

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