Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend in Review

My birthday weekend has been pretty good. I am very blessed to have heard from so many friends and family to wish me happy birthday. Meg made me a birthday cake. I don't ever remember anyone ever doing that before. It was a white cake with pink icing. It was a double layer one that fits perfectly on my cake plate. Well it did fit perfectly. I have eaten so much of it. Cake and icing is a real weakness for me. But no worries. I am still down about 30 pounds and so far all the cake that I consumed has not shown up on the scale. Back to work tomorrow so I should work it off. D left yesterday for the lake. He is going to spend the week down there helping his brother. I wish I could have gone but I need to work. Stephanie called this morning; I really miss her. It looks like Easter will be the next time she can come home. Seems so far away. Many blessings, Heidi

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