Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just sitting with it for a while.....

D and I just got back from the lake. This is where we go when life is too hard for us to deal with. We can sleep all day if we want. We eat some of his mom's comfort food. Watch the waves splash on shore. Snuggle on the porch. And just sit with what has been dealt to us. What is our future? Who knows but does anybody really? This week we have an appointment with the neurosurgeon to see if surgery is in D's near future. No matter what happens this is what is to be. We will sit with it a while and accept all that is to come....because as my son said recently. What is to happen is already planned. Just go with it. There has been so many changes in the last few year. Some good some not so good. I was hoping for some sort of normal for a while.

What is normal anyway?????

Many Blessings,

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