Thursday, June 18, 2015

So many changes...........

It has been over a month now that I have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I did not take this news very well and needed a while to let that soak in...........then I came out fighting.........after a few weeks of crying.
I am not taking this news sitting down. I will fight this and have been developing a plan of eating and exercising to reverse this diagnosis. I am a work in progress. I need to tell myself everyday that this is a journey not a marathon. I am down 11 pounds in 5 weeks and feel amazing.

In other youngest son Drew went back to work TODAY! Yay, after almost a year off of work do to MRSA in his blood and then heart surgery in January. I thank GOD everyday for how far he has come. I am so grateful. At 27, with a wife and two beautiful kids, they have come along way.

And yet in other news. Oldest son Devin moved back home. Still going through a divorce that is not final yet. I just hate divorce. I know it is as common as water now but I would give anything if he was not going through this. I know in the end he will make a beautiful life for him and his son.

This day finds us sliding into another weekend. More organizing and purging. I have decided I will never be done, not really.

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