Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Anniversary Weekend!

This past weekend Hubby and I ran away for a few day. It was our anniversary. Thirty three years of wedding bliss. Well mostly. We decided to do what we do best for our special weekend and went boating, fishing and swimming. We learned early on in this marriage that we are water people. Give us a lake and we are happy people. We have lots of options for local lakes but when we get the chance we enjoy visiting lakes that are further to the south from us. Hubby rented a little cabin and I mean little. Like all one room except the bathroom. It was perfect though. We slept in, ate a little too much and had too much sun. But would do it all over again. As we were driving home we made plans for our next lake adventure and booked a cabin even further south to yet another beautiful lake.

Upon arriving home reality hit and as I sit here the to do list is growing. Can we just rewind the past few days and stay there for like a month?!?

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