Friday, July 3, 2015

5K on the 4th and a Tornado!

In my fight against Diabetes I have decided to join my friend Beth in my very first 5K. I will not be running. Running is not my friend but I will be If I survive, I would like to partake in as many of these 5K's as I can. Hubby and I bought appropriate shoes for me this past weekend so I am ready to least I think I am.
If I do survive this 5K, hubby and I will spend the 4th of July doing what we do best. Boating, fishing and just relaxing. We love to pack us a picnic and just spend the day on the boat.

My hometown has not seen a tornado in many years but two were spotted too close to my home this past Wednesday. I directly went to the basement of our home and hunkerd down with my yorkie. Then she decided this was not fun and ran back up stairs and promptly hide under our bed. Not even bacon treats would coax her out. I called hubby...where was he you ask? Oh, that fool was in the middle of a lake right in the path of one of the sighted tornados. I thought I was going to have to admit him to a psyc unit at a local hospital. This man is a avid fisherman. No tornado is going to slow him down. Oh but wait, there were other fools with him because he was on a fishing tournament. He won...the fool. Thank goodness there was very little damage and no one was hurt. We consider ourselves very lucky.
Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

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