Friday, November 5, 2010

Here I am

Here I am again; not posting on a daily basis. I give up. I thought my life was crazy before. Ha I have school two days a week and then I try to schedule clinicals three other days a week. Makes for a busy girl for sure. Especially for a girl that is not used to getting dressed before 2pm.
School I love. I am learning so much for which I am grateful. Clinicals? Well today was my first day and lets just say I know why all nurses have to do their clinicals at a nursing home. Because if you can't make it there then you have no business being a nurse. At one point today I wanted to just run out the front doors. Like most women feel just before they give birth. They decide that they have changed their minds about the whole birthing process and just want to go home and cover their heads and pretend they are not even pregnant. Yea; that was me today. I wasn't sure if nursing is in my blood. And today; it was just observing.
I am not giving up though. I know a hospital is where I need to be. I will give this nursing home all I have. These sweet old people at least deserve that. And the fact that I can't graduate until I complete one hundred hours their.
I may need some prayers. No I know that I do.

Many Blessings

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