Saturday, November 27, 2010

Beautiful Thanksgiving Week!

I have been knee deep in the Thanksgiving week. Our Stephanie came home on Monday evening. Feels so good when she is home. All seems right with the world.
Thanksgiving was wonderful; was able to see all my kids. Dinner if I do say so myself was amazing. I tried out a new mashed potato recipe. The. Best. Ever! Definitely will be a family tradition from now on.
Then there was BLACK Friday. Yes I do partake and yes I never slept Thursday night because sales started at ten and went on the entire night. The number of great deals were endless. So excited. Now I am paying for it because now I have a bad head cold. Feel like poo. I need to be decking the halls but all I can do is take halls cough drops. I have a major test Tuesday and I haven't even opened my books this Holiday weekend. I have to get to it tomorrow.
Off to bed with my new fleece pj's my box of Kleenex and my cough drops.

Many Blessings,

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