Sunday, November 14, 2010

Love Sundays!

I just love Sunday's. I am sitting by the fire. Listening to the football game. Smelling chicken tortilla soup simmering on the stove.
Then D called and told me he got another deer. Great another one hanging in the tree. He is ruining my Sunday tranquility because I know he is going to want me to get on a coat and take a picture of that thing. I won't share that here. Again your welcome.
I finished my first clinical shift yesterday. All I can say is I survived. I also realized that for the past thirty years I have umm lets say not had the opportunity to see some things. Well I seen enough yesterday for last me a while. I worked in a total Alzheimer's care facility. This was very hard for me. I just wanted to sit down and cry when family members would visit there loved ones. I have had several family members tell me that this nursing thing would not be for me. I disagree. At first I wasn't sure but now I know. Yes I am going to be the kind of nurse that gets too involved with her patience. I am going to feel their pain. Yes I am going to sit down and cry like a baby when I loose my first one. But that is ok. Because it is all going to be worth it.
Yesterday I took care of a patient; I will call him Eddie. Eddie was an elderly man that was a boxer in his day. Very large strong man. I would guess that Eddie is in his late seventies. The current nursing staff could not get Eddie to eat. What was my job assignment for the day? To get Eddie fed. Three square meals. I knew the challenge I had before me and got right to it with breakfast. At first Eddie was not having it. This did not surprise me. But I kept at it. I cared for him for more than ten hours.
When I walked up to Eddie with his dinner tray he looked at me and smiled. I knew for a brief moment he was there. It made it all worth it. What was really neat was his son was there to see it. I didn't know he was standing in the door way to his fathers room when I received that smile or the big hug I gave him. Once I turned around and noticed him he said, " That's my dad; and I haven't seen a reaction out of him like that in months." I left the room and allowed the father and son to have as much time as they could. I hate Alzheimer's. But I love what I do. Its all worth it.

Many Blessings,

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