Tuesday, December 7, 2010

UUMM December, REALLY!?!

The time is flying by; when did it become December!?!

My time is filled with school and clinical's. A week will go by in a flash. Not sure how that happens. I will be done with my clinical's on Monday. Yea for me. I will be hitting it hard again for three tests before the end of the year. No rest for me.

I wish I could say all is well here at the zoo but all is not well. All have colds and cough. Yuck. I wish I could say that I breezed right by it all but I got it.

Spent last weekend at the lake. We really needed a little R&R. What better way than at the lake.

Christmas shopping is 95% done. Wrapping is 100% incomplete; but have intentions on getting that done soon. Like maybe next week.

Off to bed. What a boring post.

Many Blessings,

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