Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

This is my beautiful family(minus Stephanie), they are a silly bunch but they are mine and I love them all.
We had such a wonderful Christmas. It took several shoots to get this picture. We had an escapee in the middle shot but quickly got him back on track. Getting all seven looking at the camera and smiling would have been a Christmas miracle.
This was taken on Christmas day evening about 9:00pm. At this point the kids are tired and cranky. The parents....well as you can tell the women already had on their jammies. Its what we do after dinner. Put on our happy pants(that is what my mother-in-law call them).
So blessed to be able to be with my kids this Christmas. We sure did miss our Stephanie though. My in-laws were very missed as well. Maybe next year we can all be together.
I spent the day today taking down all of our Christmas decorations. I do that every year the day after Christmas because someone here at the zoo will be having a birthday tomorrow. Since a birthday is so close to Christmas I remove all decor for their birthday. I will tell you more about that tomorrow.
Many blessings,

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