Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

Our Stephanie came home last night. I wish it were for Christmas but unfortunately she was hear because of a funeral of a friend. We were able to give her her Christmas gifts this morning before she had to return to southern Illinois to a job that I wish she did not need this holiday season.
Meg's twin brothers were here this morning as well. Drew helped them prepare for their driving permit. It appears that parallel parking is not their thing. Wasn't mine either. Still to this day I will do everything I can to prevent parallel parking. But this afternoon we received good news that they both passed.
I did some holiday baking today. Well maybe I should rephrase that to I made chocolate mint cookies. That's it so far. I hope to do more baking tomorrow. The mint cookies were so easy though. All you do is melt chocolate bark, add a little peppermint extract then dip Ritz crackers into the chocolate and set aside. Heaven! Hoping to make peanut cluster as well.

These are some pictures that I had on my computer. I think they are just precious. I really need to download the 300 plus pictures on my camera before tomorrow.

Many Blessings from our family to yours this Christmas!


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