Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good News!

Well D and I have been busy with a flurry of activity bringing in the new year. Speaking of the new year. D and I are real big party people; yes we are. For New Years Eve we rented movies and Wii games and had a kitchen full of junk food. Good times. Then by 10:45pm we couldn't wait for midnight to get here because we were exhausted. Meg and Drew stayed home as well to enjoy all the excitement with us. At the stroke of midnight we all fell over each other trying to get to bed. Yes; the excitement was just too much for us.
But D and I did write down our goals for 2011. So glad to be doing that; we always reach our goals when we write them down.
I was blessed with news yesterday of a job opportunity. Glad to be starting the new year with a new career.
In other wonderful news Devin and Heather are moving back to our small town in the Spring. So so happy about this. Life would be perfect for me if all my kids would live here at the zoo. But what I think is perfect and what they think is perfect are two different things. But am jumping for joy tonight that they will be living a couple blocks away.
Meg and I have been real busy in our storage room organizing and purging. Goosh I love purging. Since I will be starting work soon and Meg is going back to school in a couple of weeks we thought it best to whip this place into shape. It is amazing with the Holiday season how things can really get out of hand.
D will be building more shelves in the laundry room soon. Meg watched a show on TLC called Extreme Coupon. Tomorrow we will be shopping for groceries and household items totaling over $300 and all we will be paying is around $120! Yes! I can get used to this! The additional shelves are needed because she is getting so many items FREE. Yes I said free! She is using store coupons as well as manufacture coupon on sale items makes them free. Gotta love it!
With so much good news I am flat on my back with a head cold. Ugh I feel like poo. Have so many plans and dreams for 2011 so I need to get back on my feet soon.

Many Blessings

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