Monday, January 24, 2011

Miss V

Today I took care of a patient who's time here with us is limited. I will call her Miss V. I have been taking care of Miss V for several months now. I did my clinicals at this facility so I am very familiar with her.
She is the type of lady that is so cantankerous that they put all incoming nurses on her hall to take care of her. I call it a little hazing on hall 400. She is something. Will call you every name in the book. I have been hit, choked and almost bitten just trying to get her to eat something. We all draw straws to see who has to give her a bath.
But care for her I do. I know that in her earlier years she was probably a real nice lady. Early hours of the morning when all the patients are sleeping I will walk in to Miss V's room and say a little prayer for her; and for me. Ha because I may be the one that needs to bathe her that day.
Last week I walked into Miss V's room to find standing there my mothers best friend. She asked what I was doing there. I told her that I am now employed here and take care of all the beautiful ladies on this hall. I asked her what she was doing there. She said that Miss V was her mother. What a small world. I was totally shocked to find out just who Miss V was.
After the long weekend I went in this morning only to find out that Miss V is not doing well. She is refusing her meds and has not ate or drank since last Thursday. Her coloring is not good. As I walked into her room late morning her daughter was standing at the end of the bed watching her mother. It struck me that she will not be here much longer. I know in this profession that I have chose that death is something I will experience. But I wasn't expecting it so soon.

Many Blessings

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