Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to normal what ever that is!?!

My in laws headed back to the lake yesterday. I spent yesterday afternoon and today picking up around the zoo. Mopping the floors and just general cleaning that one does after they had company for a week.
Meg and I have been going through every room in this zoo deciding what items we will be putting in our garage sale later this week. I like going to these sales but am not a fan of having them. Meg likes it though so I am sure she will get me through it. It is so hot here that all I want to do is read my latest Southern Living magazine and drink lemonade. Maybe I can just supervise this event from my living room!?!
Last week marked the one year mark of me being laid off from my job. I can look back now and say that I do not miss it at all. The people I miss. But most of those that I miss left when I did and I still keep in touch with those that meant something to me. I sure do not miss all those board meetings and all activities that was the responsibility of upper management. I especially do not miss all the travel. I so love my life right now but the pay could be better!

Many Blessings

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