Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beautiful Weekend.

D and I had a date all day on Saturday. Drake went with us. We went to a local lake so that Drake could feed the fish and the ducks. He loved it. He wouldn't take his binky out of his mouth though. The top photo is the little pond inside Bass Pro. Another one of Drakes favorite places to go. He loves animals so much. So really D and I didn't end up having a date, date. It was more like a Drake day. Drake's parents were gone all day helping her mother move. Move; in the heat. Umm that would make me sweat so I volunteered to watch Drake. In the air conditioning. If I haven't mentioned it before I don't do sweating.
We did stop by the local DMV so that D could renew his drivers license only to find out that the original birth certificate in not acceptable. I have to get a copy this week from a State office. Doesn't make any since to me that the original will not work but a copy will. We are running out of time because his license are up later this week. If we miss the deadline he will have to retake the test. Not a pretty thought at all; D doesn't take tests. D doesn't even read unless it is a recent copy of Field and Stream.
Anyhoo we had lunch at a local pizza shop that has been in business when Washington was president. They remodeled which was badly needed; and the pizza was wonderful just how I remembered it when I was a teenager and D would take me there on a date.
We ended the beautiful day at Devin and Heather's for dinner. They wanted some time alone so we brought the princess home with us for the night. Poor baby cried all the way home wanting her momma. Once we pulled in the drive way and she saw her uncle Drew she announced that she was done crying. She's a hoot!
Many Blessings,

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