Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's over!

The garage sale is over; thank god. I think I finally dug myself out of a whole and ended up with a profit of $1.25. Meg and other families fared pretty well; me not so much. Don't think I will be having another one of these for a least twenty years. Can't stand all the excitement more often than that.
It is amazing to me as I stood back and watched that there were so many men that attended the sale. Maybe it is a sign of the times or I have just had my head in the mud. Which is totally possible.
There were also many elderly ladies driving mini vans. Why I ask myself; when your in your 80's you do not need to have an extra 100 feet behind you. Its an accident waiting to happen I tell you.
Maybe the heat is starting to get to me. I need rest.

Many Blessings

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