Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Once a week

Maybe I should only post once a week because that is what I seem to be doing lately. Monday I spent the day with Devin at his house. I really enjoyed myself. I wish we both had more time to spend together. His wife has been fighting a virus for several days now. I am praying for her to recover as soon as possible.
Yesterday I spent organizing my closet. Packing away most of my summer clothes and washing my winter clothes. It always feels good to purge all my unwanted items in my closet and get completely organized. I tell you the heavens open and the angels sing with this job is complete. I have a whole list of items I am wanting to get done before school starts. It's just how I like to roll.
D and I are off to the lake tomorrow; my father in law is have surgery Friday and my mother in law would like for me to be with her. D is going to show his support by fishing and hunting while we are at the hospital. That's how he rolls.

Many Blessings

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