Monday, October 18, 2010


Friday was a very quiet evening for Drake's Birthday. The princess came to spend the night with us and ended up spending the weekend. Her and Drake are getting along a little better. So close in age and her having and older brother causes fights sometimes.
Saturday I went to lunch with Devin and the princess. Love spending time with my Dev. I don't eat out much so it was a real treat.
Saturday night we went to a wedding of one of Drew's best friends. The bride Beckee was just beautiful. Beckee and Drew; Beckee's twin sister Aubrey and their cousin Sam have been very close friends since they were in kindergarten. Drew calls them his girls. It was so much fun sharing this wonderful evening with all of them for Beckee's wedding. I thought I had some pictures but they didn't turn out.
I do have a picture of the princess taking a nap. She is so peaceful when she is sleeping. But look out when she wakes up. She starts talking and doesn't stop. Poppa tried a game with her on the way to the wedding to see who could stay quiet the longest. Um guess who lost. HA
Today was just beautiful. The high was about 65 and no wind. Picture perfect day. A day that I like to do some outdoor projects. Like clearing out the garden. Weed eating and trimming bushes. Drake was trying to help his daddy with some dirt hauling. He was such a big helper. There is so much to do before the weekend. I have made a to do list a mile long and each day we are seeing what we can get done.
Drew got another deer this morning with his bow. Can one have too many deer? My answer is YES. One is too many. No one should have to see a deer hanging in ones yard. Thanks goodness I have no neighbors to speak of. I need a nap!

Many Blessings,

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