Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beautiful Weekend

Another beautiful weekend. The temps were cool and crisp. Love it!
The zoo has been a flurry of activity. The guys have been hunting and building deer stands. I picked up Aspen on Saturday morning so that she could spend the weekend with us. She is having so much fun with Mariah and Taylor. They had a slumber party last night right after Matt made them Banana splits. Personally I was grateful that they all stayed at the lower level of the zoo because that is a lot of sugar before bed and there was lots of giggling going on. It is so strange to have so many girls living here at the zoo. I am used to so much more testosterone; its kinda nice for a change.
I wish I could say that we got something accomplished this weekend but we didn't unless you count the 3 deer stands that were built. Which I don't. I can't even supervise such an event.
Crazy busy week ahead. Looking forward to it.

Many Blessings

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