Friday, March 19, 2010

Art Museum and Movie

Today was a very busy day. Meg and I went to the big city to the art museum. Her great grandmother on her fathers side was an artist. She started drawing self portraits late in life to cope with an illness. As I was walking around I realized that I don't know enough about art to appreciate it. There were really strange pieces of art everywhere. I will say that the museum itself was a very beautiful old building. But I guess the idea is to admire the art not the building.
The fun didn't stop there because this afternoon I went to Devin and Heathers. I was really starting to miss the kids. We decided to watch "The Blindside". It was an awesome movie. I cried. A couple of times. I just love true stories like this one. I just may need to watch it again.
This day was such a perfect ending to a pretty uneventful week.
Winter is to return tomorrow with several inches of snow. I am not sure I can make it through another snow storm. This winter has been way to long.


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