Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Wow the last few days since my birthday have been really busy. Friday night Meg and Drew took me to my favorite restaurant for my birthday dinner. Mexican of course. Gotta have some chips and salsa for my birthday. Wouldn't be a good day without it.

Saturday Meg and I did some shopping. Then Saturday night Drew had some friends over to watch the UFC fights. There was way to much testosterone in the house. A couple of the guys Drew hadn't seen in two years. They had fun reminiscing about high school days. It was funny to listen to their stories.

Sunday we went to Devin and Heathers for the kids birthday party. Aspen and Brennon's birthday's are just a few days apart so their brave parents had a birthday party for both of them on Sunday afternoon.
We had so much fun watching the kids open all their presents. Aunt Meg had these beautiful individual birthday cakes made for them. Heather made the best peach cobbler and these mini apple and cherry pies. All was so good. I love this picture; Brennon is so patient until his candles are lit.
Today was a day of cleaning and organizing summer clothes. I have packed away most of my winter clothes. Another snow storm is sure to hit now. It feels so good to have all my spring and summer clothes washed and ironed and hung in my closet in order by color. The only part I did in this spring cleaning endeavor is iron my clothes; Meg is the organizer. She can have your closets looking amazing in a short amount of time. I am sure I have mentioned this before; but I am continually amazed at what she can do.
Feels like spring this week. It makes me so happy!


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