Sunday, May 2, 2010


I had the best weekend. It was jammed packed with so many things to do. On Saturday I went to a baby shower for this beautiful couple. My nephew and his wife. They are expecting their baby on July 1st. They are going to have a girl. We don't know her name; the parents will not share that with us just yet. I have prayed daily for these two. Their baby will be born with a birth defect and will need surgery immediately after birth. They both are in Gods hands and I just know everything will be ok.

This is our Stephanie and her boyfriend Bill. Stephanie moved to southern Illinois to attend school. She has not been home in two years. Today was the best day ever when she pulled in the driveway. I have missed her so much. D and I tried to adopt her many years ago but was unable to because she would have been turning 18 at the time. This little detail didn't make a difference to us. She is our daughter and always will be.

We wrapped up the weekend with a Bar-B-Que at our house that Drew had for Meg's birthday. I love love love gatherings at my house. I could do this every weekend. Devin and Heather you were missed!

Many Blessings,


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