Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Still no garden!

I can't believe how the time passes. I knew I hadn't updated in a while but this is crazy. Last weekend I was blessed to have kept the princess on Saturday night after a fish fry that D and I had for some friends and family. We love keeping her over night. This time the over night was extended a few days because Heather's father was unexpectedly rush to the hospital. All is well now. Still praying for his full recovery. Hated that he was in the hospital but love keeping our granddaughter.
Not much else happening this week; just the usual. Do I have my garden in yet? NO! Meg and I tried to the other day but it was too hot and the weeds were too many. I don't like to sweat. So D has promised that he will help me this weekend. I will have to bake him something special. Bake that man a brownie and I can almost get him to do anything.


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