Monday, April 5, 2010

Beautiful Easter!

I had the best Easter in a long time. All the kids were here. My in laws came up from the lake for the day as well as D's cousin and her family. We also had some friends join us. We had so much fun with the kids and the Easter egg hunt and the pinata.
The pinata is a whole other story though. Meg and I decided that we would save money and make our own pinata. We thought an Easter egg would be the easiest as well as this would be less traumatising for Aspen(Aspen is very upset if we start beating a up any characters such as the Elmo that we had for Drake's birthday. Poor child was traumatised for days).
So we got all the supplies together on Friday afternoon to make a simple Easter Egg. Meg blew up a balloon and we started putting on the newspaper; while we were waiting for the first layer to dry the balloon popped. We thought it was dry enough though to go ahead and put on another layer. Umm no, it collapsed. Meg and I promptly went to Walmart at 11:00 pm on Easter eve purchasing a pinata. All they had was a tweedy bird sitting in an Easter egg. And yes Aspen was traumatised when tweedy lost a wing after the first couple of hits. That poor baby is not going to want to come back to granny's house for another holiday any time soon.
When my kids were growing up we always had an Easter egg hunt with a pinata. I wanted to continue that tradition but I really need to be careful of what pinata I purchase. I am not used to girls being upset. Boys love to beat things up.
I think over all we had a great day. I know I did. The best part was my father-in-law brought me my birthday present. I was so excited that it is all I thought about all day. Pictures to come soon.


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