Friday, April 23, 2010

Morning Thunderstorms; Afternoon Garage Sales

This morning we had a thunderstorm. I just love them. Especially if I can stay in bed and read or just listen to the thunder. This morning however there was no laying around. Drake awoke this morning at 6:00 am; yelling for anyone to come get him. I think he made the rounds yelling all of our names.

After the storm cleared. Meg wanted to go to a few garage sales. I am new to garage sales. My parents never went nor did my grandparents. I just didn't know what I was missing. I believe I am a new fan. I love the hunt of that one special item. Meg did well today; finding things for Drake and Aspen. I on the other hand only scored at my friend H's house. H sold her house and is down sizing in a major way. She is going from a four thousand square foot house to one she can clean easily in one day. This means her garage is full of items that she is not taking with her nor is she have a garage sale herself. And my silly friend has great taste. So I will be removing some of these items that she plans on leaving behind. For example her Louis Va ton(spelling?) luggage that I took from her garage this afternoon. When I head down to my in laws with that bag I will think of her.

My father-in-law received great news this afternoon. All lymph node test came back clear. He is completely clear from cancer. God is good!
The picture above is of Drake; he fell asleep on his mom and dad's bed.

Many Blessings,


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