Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back to the Emergency room

Yesterday afternoon we found ourselves back to the emergency room with D. He had a construction accident. He was in a forklift type of equipment that had a boom on it; the boom was fully extended when the ground gave way on the front right tire sending the boom crashing to the ground. D was in the cage and was knocked around a bit when the boom hit the ground. The emergency room paper work states head concussion with no internal bleeding. That was why I took him. He refused to go to the hospital when the paramedics arrived on the seen and I wanted to make sure there was no bleeding internally. The job that he was working on was two hours away; by the time one of his employees drove him home he had a pretty good headache. I was not taking any chances.

Funny story; well not so funny for me, I wanted to crawl under the emergency room bed that D was laying on. A while back D stated that he needed new socks. I went to purchase him some like I have done for the past 27 years. These would be work socks; thick white, gray on the toe and heel. Just something for him to stuff in his work boots. Well I must have had my head somewhere else when purchasing these socks because I bought a size 12 to 15. Umm can we say way too big. The gray part of the heel when D puts them on are half way up his calf. Well any smart man would set these aside for me to donate. No not D he has been wearing them.
When we were in the emergency room and the nurse pulled up his jeans to check for swelling in his legs he had on those socks. He looked like a small child wearing his dads socks. I wanted to just die!! D has never been one for fashion; but this was a new level even for him. Needless to say I will be removing all of those socks from his dresser promptly this morning.

Thank GOD D was ok; it could have been so much worse. There was no other construction workers near him on the ground so that was a blessing. If I see him in those socks again though I will be giving him another concussion.

Many Blessings,

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