Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Emergency Room

I have been having problems with my asthma for the last couple of day. I am not sure why because my asthma is triggered my allergies. I have not been experiencing any allergy problems so I am not sure what triggered this attack. Monday night I got very little sleep because I simply could not breathe. I thought I would give it one more day and maybe with my inhaler it would settle down. Well at about 1 am this morning the inhaler ran out. As the hours went by the more problems I had in breathing.

At about 3 am I thought if I can just make it until the doctors office opens I will get in right away. But by 5 am I could hardly walk across the floor. I woke D and he took me to the emergency room right away. While D was parking the car after dropping me off at the emergency room door I slowly walked into the emergency room. I was the only one in there and as I approached the counter where a lady was sitting I tried to convey to her that I was having an asthma attack. All I could hear from her was "Don't I know you", "You look so familiar". I am thinking to myself. How can I look familiar; I am in my jammies; my hair is a mess; no makeup. Quite frankly I looked like crap.

As I am trying to smile but tell her I need help! I can't breathe. She finally picked up the phone and told someone hurry up to the front; lady in full blown asthma attack. I thought thank god she is doing something. In the mean time she ran to me to get my name. All I could get out was Heidi. She jumped up and said "I knew it". About that time D arrived and took over. I was whisked away to a room where 3 nurses and 2 doctors worked on me so quickly I felt my head spinning. All I could think of was I hadn't had a chance to call Devin. At about that time he was getting off work and doesn't know his mother is dying. Well that was a little dramatic but he has asthma. The only one in the family that does so I thought I would get the sympathy I needed from him. I needed someone to feel my pain of not being able to breathe. WOW this post is long!

After about fifteen minutes I was starting to breathe so much better. D decided that he needed coffee so he went back to the waiting room to find some. That ER lady followed him all the way to tell him that she went to high school with me. When D returned he told me this and for the life of me I do not know who she is. Her name was not even familiar. Oh well.

They did chest xrays and found out that I had cells that were collapsed. Meaning when I had pneumonia a couple of months ago my lungs were not fully healed. There was talk of keeping me overnight but I had a small tantrum and said I would return if I had any problems just please let me go home. They agreed after small fortune in meds I was released.

Now I am just ready for sleep.


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