Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cooking Class

Well last night was my cooking class with my friend HC at the local Parks and Rec. I did have a great time spending the evening with friends. However I feel the Parks Department needs to sick to Park related issues; or I just prefer someone to make cinnamon rolls for me. Probably the later.

I felt they taught us a really complicated recipe for cinnamon rolls. I know there has got to be a better way. With the whole process I had a terrible time trying to get my milk and butter temp to exactly 100 degrees so that I didn't kill the yeast. I kept thinking that this would be so much easier if I could call the local diner in my small town called Neighbor's that makes the best cinnamon rolls ever and order me a couple dozen and be eating them before my yeast has a chance to rise.

Oh well; I brought home a cookie sheet full of homemade cinnamon rolls that I will be putting in the oven Friday morning for all the Zoo members to enjoy. Why Friday? Well we are to have several inches of snow by then and it just seems like and item that I will need that morning. Either that or spike my coffee so that mentally I can handle another round of that beautiful white stuff.

Where is Spring?


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