Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hospital Pictures and a Hair Cut

The computer genius came by last night to set up Meg's new lap top. We are so grateful. Now I can post pictures from the Hospital. Here is our princess in the emergency room waiting for a room.

This was the next day when I brought her some balloons for Valentines Day. She had her oxygen off but the IV was still in.
It was so hard to keep her entertained and stay in that bed!

Here is her daddy finally getting her to take a nap. It was late Saturday afternoon after all of her aunts and uncles and other grandparents had left for the day. She was so tired but not giving into a nap until Daddy rocked her. We are so glad that she was well enough to go home Sunday. Yesterday she was almost back to her self.

Today was hair day. Meg and I were in desperate need of a highlight so Drew's friend Beckee came over to make us beautiful.

Drake also got a hair cut. His parents have to be creative when it is his turn. Sucker always works. He needed a bath after this. Hair and sucker was all over him. I just love a new hair cut and color. Helps me handle all this snow and winter cold much better. Not sure why; it just does. Did I mention that it has snowed everyday in February. It may have just been flurries but it was there. Gosh I am done with it.

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