Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Away

D and I spent last weekend at the lake with my in-laws. We had an awesome time. The temps were almost 60 on Sat. I called the kids and they said it was almost 30 and blah! Goosh what a difference it makes just a couple of hours drive to the south. But my fun and warmth didn't last because Sunday as we were driving home the rain turned into ice. Back to winter.

HC finally figured out what the problem was with her phone and e-mailing. I received the apron pictures when I returned home from the lake.

If you know me at all you are not surprised by the animal print. I can't wait to make one for my mother-in-law. I think Meg wants one too. Oh the possibilities.

We just learned how to do the coolest thing; Skyp. This picture was taken while we were skyping them. Devin and Heather are out of town this week. Devin has a training class and Heather decided that she would go with him for a mini vacation.

I am keeping the princess while they are gone. Don't think things are going to well. Mommy and the princess have cried everyday thus far.

The princess doesn't understand why mommy is talking to her on the computer but doesn't come and pick her up. Devin has class until Friday; not sure if Heather is going to last that long. This skyping is the coolest thing; we were able to see their Hotel room. Heather showed us how awful her bed comforter is. I think I saw pink flamingos but hopefully it was just a bad skyp.
Modern technology; you just gotta love it. Need to work on the quality of the picture though.



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