Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Great Day!

For starters the sun was out today! This always helps. I also went shopping with my girls Heather, Meg and Aspen. Devin tagged along. We needed him for part of the shopping trip because Meg purchased a much needed lap top. I am so envious. I want one so bad. Did I ever mention that?

Meg will be going back to school in the fall and really needed this lap top. My reasons for wanting one is more important than that. Blogging!

I was with the computer genius this afternoon; still don't know how to post pictures. Dang! Hopefully over the next couple of days he will be by to set up Megs computer; I can have a crash course in picture posting then.

Hopefully there will be more sunny days this week. God knows how bad I need it; I have told him.


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