Saturday, January 30, 2010

Great Day!

Today was a great day. It was sunny; which I really need sun any time I can get it. It was also fairly warm; in the upper 30's.

I went to the library and checked out several books about gardening. I am starting to plan out my garden. Lots of tomatoes for canning salsa also some hot peppers and maybe some zucchini. I am really excited about canning this year. I have never done it before and can't wait to make my own salsa.

After the library some of the zoo members and I went to petco. They had their adoption program going. Goosh I wish I could bring some of those dogs home. They are so cute. I know D will not allow it. It took me 20 years to talk him into bringing our Yorkie home 5 years ago. He doesn't like any dogs in the house. He only agreed to our Sassy because she doesn't shed and is very small. I know there is no way I can talk him into another dog. So I go to petco and dream about having another one. Maybe after most of the zoo members fly the coup then maybe just maybe I can talk him into another puppy.

This evening I got to play with both of the zoo babies; Aspen and Drake. There parents were out this evening so I got some good one on one grandma time. It was fun; lot's of snacks and reading books.

D went fishing today and caught over 30 crappy! I am so excited. We can have fish for Sunday dinner. We haven't had crappy since last winter.


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