Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Evening Out

Today was a very uneventful day which is always good now and then. Last night however was really fun.

I went to my friend HC's house to pick her up for an evening of running around. First off we went to the local Parks & Rec to sign up for a cooking class. We are going to make cinnamon rolls. Yum! Just what the waste line of all the zoo members need. I have made cinnamon rolls on a number of occasion's however I think it will be fun to take this class with my friend. Who knows I may learn something. Not sure how much one can learn from a cooking class put on by the Parks Department but I will soon find out.

Next on our stop was JoAnn's Fabric shop. I am having trouble with my sewing machine so I needed to take it in for repairs. What luck that the repair shop is inside one of my favorite stores. HC and I decided that we needed to see all of their fabric. I love just touching it all and imagining all the things I could make. HC and I decided on making an apron. Apron's seem to be the in thing now and I don't have one. I found the perfect zebra print. No one that knows me will be surprised by my choice in fabric. Now I just have to wait for my sewing machine to be repaired and I will be in business.

With all that fabric shopping HC and I needed some seafood. Red Lobster just so happen to be real close to JoAnn's so we headed on over there. We both had shrimp and as many of those garlic cheesy biscuits that we could consume.

After we were so stuffed that we could not move we headed back to her house for a little American Idol. That show cracks me up. I can hardly believe that so many people think that they can sing. Devin CAN sing; Drew not so much. But at least he knows he can't; bless his heart. But he keeps trying and thankfully it is in the privacy of our little zoo. Devin the one and only person that can sing here at the zoo keeps that little talent to just us. I couldn't get him to try out for American Idol if his life depended on it. But that is ok.

HC made us a chocolate brownie gooey cake thingy while we were watching tv that was to die for. I don't know the official name of it but you get the picture. She served it hot with some vanilla ice cream. When I grow up I am going to cook just like her. Or at least beg her to make more for me so that I can bring some home to the zoo to share.

I had such a great time. I am looking forward to lots of great times with HC now that we have reconnected.


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