Thursday, January 7, 2010

Zoo animals loose

Here at the zoo a few of the zoo animals are going crazy being all couped up. So Heather decided to take the little darlings on a sled ride. As you can see the snow is so deep in our front yard that these little darling started sinking. Drew turned them toward the driveway because it had already been cleared off of most of the snow.

There they go down the middle of our street. No worries though; we live at the end of a dead end so no chance of a car passing by. On the sled is Brennon and Aspen. The youngest of the zoo animals is Drake who is 14 months old; he is currently in a warm bed taking a long winters nap. No sled ride for him today. The temps are hovering around zero so these animals will not be out there long. Just enough time to wear them out!

Time to take them in. I am sure their noses are frozen. The bobcat in the back ground is my oldest son clearing out the drive way and street. The city doesn't really pay much attention to us at the dead end so we have to clear it off ourselves. After another 6 inches of snow last night I hope we are done for a while. We currently have about 15 inches on the ground. I am ready for it to go away.

Trying to keep warm,


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  1. Very fun photos, we still haven't had any snow in the Northwest and I am beginning to think we might not! My kids keep saying "but its winter"!