Thursday, January 14, 2010


See this beautiful boy? He is the youngest here at the zoo; he will be 15 months old tomorrow. As you can tell he is teething with that wet shirt he is wearing. Drake is such a sweet boy. He has a pretty good attachment to his Binky's.

Here he has one in his mouth and holding about 3 of them. Doesn't want them too far away.

Drake loves to ride the tractor with his poppy. Matter of fact what ever poppy is doing is what he wants to be doing. Sometimes we call him sunshine; he brings so much happiness to this family. Happy Birthday Drake; granny loves you.

Tomorrow morning half of the zoo members will be off to the lake for the weekend. We are going to be celebrating another babies birthday. He is a year old as well. Gotta love these little ones birthday parties.
Tomorrow is the last day for deer hunting. Thank goodness; one can only handle so much camo and deer urine. Done for another year!


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